Monday, November 1, 2010

yesturday has passed

Yesterday has passed away

Yesterday has passed away

Embedded beneath surface, buried

On ocean’s basin, undelivered messages

Floating on gentle water tides

Basking in the sun, skin-suntanned

Fossilized bones, dry skeleton

Rotten memories, saved beneath the crust

History long lost, frozen smiles - non stop

Frosted heartache, preserved through winter.

Resurrected emotions.

Lingering scents

Familiar voices

Long forgotten funeral

Excavated by modern mechanical machines

Beasts on four giant feet

Angry claws, scavenging the field

Scaring deep furrows

Skulls found

Missing clues

Hidden secrets on toothless skulls

Gliding slowly through the museum

Down ancient hallways

Saluting still pictures and images

Cold sculptures and dead statues

Indeed yesterday has gone with no

Forensic evidence.

Yesterday is dead, bury it in peace.

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