Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where I belong

Where I belong

Dejected and isolated
I was ugly
Nobody loved me
I crawled
Everybody flew
They eat sweet juices
I was left with bitter vegetables
They basked in the sun
I hid in my cocoon.
“Be patient” I said
“Be patient with my beautiful imperfections”
They scoffed and laughed
I felt it within... my true beauty
I brooded, I cried
At last I slept, I died
I woke to fly.
With my wings spread, I flew
Above height, beyond expectations
I was the ugly caterpillar
Look at me now.... I’m a butterfly
Clothed in the prettiest dresses
Perfumed in flowers
Fed with red nectar.
Oh look, you ugly black moths wish
You wish you were me
Me, the ugly one.
Today I fly, far into the rainbows
Where I belong
To dine with my kind
Goodbye black moths


Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello yesterday

Hello yesterday
Where are you?
It was like a dream
A little nap, i woke,
And you were gone

Just like the day before.
I read the note you left on the wall
Nostalgia embraced me
Tears showed me
And regrets comforted me

Are you coming back?
Will I see you again?
Today is here with me now
We both are worried
We’re on a train to grave land

It’s almost midnight and soon
Tomorrow will be here
We both are nervous
Butterflies are partying in my tummy
Remember how we wished,
How we talked all night

Anticipating tomorrow
Will she be fair?
Will she be beautiful?
Will I be happy to meet her?

I know not…