Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The exodus

it was a cold December night, dry harmattan breeze swept the farm clean, dry feather floated weightless in the air, Farmer John's poultry farm was bubbling and banging "the feathers" a 4 Chicken band comprising of Harry's whole family entertained the farm singing "cock-a-doodle-doo" heads were nodding, feathers dancing both in tone with the music and the harmattan breeze, flora flaunted her tail feathers swinging it in Bella's face, flora was an expectant her, she is of the royal blood, she's was expecting 14 eggs, probably in an hour's time. Flora is the new farm's Diva, there were countless cock fights over her earlier during mating season. Bella was jealous, that was her last year, now she's getting old, this season she had only 4 eggs. Jack and jill displayed new stunts, flying high and landing on their back. At the end of the music performances king Charles II took the stage, clothed in coloured majesty, Charles was of the royal blood, a cockerel, his shiny feather reflected the yellow bulb in the farm, his thick red crown stood firm, the whole farm marveled in awe of his majesty,

King Charles II the farm's new farm head, son of the Late King Arthur he swung the red feather and all the fowl breed and species coloured and uncoloured gathered to the farm hall as he delivers his speech, he speaks of a new code of conduct in which he spoke about: respect for life and "fowlality" respect for unhatched eggs, respect for little chickens, freedom of speech as he was about to pass the new law he was fearlessly interrupted by jack and Jill the two foolish sons of chuck who nodded in complete agreement to the last rule(FREEDOM OF SPEECH!) jack and Jill had been drunk way before noon as they said "look outside, what's that, that must be the scared tree which our great mighty ancestor lived, Farmer John just kept it now" as the whole assembly of chickens ran outside chuckling and murmuring in amazement it was beautiful, they all stared motionlessly at the 6 feet tall tree with glowing lights, bright fruits and tingling bells ringing in tone with the breeze. As they all watched the mighty strange tree Fred the oldest cock in the farm broke the scared silence in a loud croaking cry "run for your lives this your doom" as commotion set in he air wings flapped, sharp claws scratched the floor coloured feathers decorated the air like butterflies every fowl flew for its dear life, Fred was Late king Arther's elder brother he has survived three generations, though he's totally wrecked, going crazy and senile the was still respected by the chicken community. Fred orders everybody to fly down the secret underground basement as he announces, do you know why John has been feeding us generously lately? the whole community replied in unison: NO! "it's Christmas again!" as the whole chicken community cries out "oh my God"..."it can't be"..."we 're gonna die"..."oh come to our aid oh mighty Great ancient chicken" Fred raises the white feather and silence swept the hall clean, Fred calls up the king and says "Right now we all are over fed and FAT! we cannot lose young precious lives no more to this annual massacre we are going to organize a Midnight EXODUS" the whole assembly rumbled in wild animalistic jubilee, Fred swung the white feather as the rumbled stopped little tweet, Rosy's newest chick raised her little wings and asks in a chirping, tiny voice saying "what is Christmas?" Fred smiled as he scratched his crown he then replied "oh tweety, that's a difficult one, but I'll make it as simple as possible, CHRISTMAS IS A TIME OF THE YEAR WHEN HUMANS CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF THEIR MESSIAH-Jesus!, when he came down in human form to save them...but you see that's the 1900 definition, right now, Christmas has little or NOTHING to do with Jesus, Right now: CHRISTMAS IS A TIME TO FIGHT, STEAL, KILL, SPEND MONEY RECKLESSLY, GET DRUNK, PARTY HARD!, SHARE GIFTS, SHARE STDs, and oh i think i'm forgetting something KILL CHICKENS!!! " as he laughed deeply and the whole assembly clapped and laughed at the joke, he swung the white feather and says in a serious "that was no joke" as the whole chicken community cried in fear, tweety's little heart pounded loud, cold fever gripped her as she buried herself under her mother's bossom. Flora in fear and anxiety shot out hot eggs immediately.

king Charles took the stage as advices everybody prepare for the exodus, saying "we must save our lives and our further generation, tomorrow night we shall depart" The whole chicken community echoed AMEN! as they all flew back to their various nests shivering in fear, the night was colder than ever, thick fog descended over the farm. The night was as quite as a graveyard. King Charles and the Red head cocks clothed in black feather stayed up in the inner chamber drawing maps and planing the Exodus, some other black cocks from Africa kept watch and guarded the farm.


It was 24th December, the red morning sun was sneaking its red head out, old Freddie who didn't sleep all night spotted the sun and jumped up crowing loud in alarm, all the chickens awoke with other cocks crowing in agreement then lastly king Charles gave the final crow! and the whole farm silenced in obedience, as he delegates work for the exodus, saying mother hens and little chicks will leave first guarded by the black cocks, the youths then lastly the old chickens, unhatched eggs will be buried safe under hays, no hen is allowed fly leaving her chick behind any hen who does that will be banished, all cocks are advised to sharpen their beaks and claws and be on the alert,tonight after night food we escape, everybody be on your best behaviour and eat light.

at exactly 8.00 farmer John with a bucket of poultry meal whistling and walking into the farm, he was surprised the farm was quite,the whole chicken community were lying in their nest, he fear a disease maybe a flu has plagued the farm, he dropped their feed in their plates as they all picked their feed gently, Christmas songs and Christmas bells filled the air banging from farmer John's bedroom, the blinking neon lights flashed into the farm, the smell of spices suffocated the air, old cock Freddie was scared he shivered uncontrollably, Farmer John noticed him as he went into the house to get the flu vaccination, the black cocks led the way and mother hens followed, they matched noiselessly like ghosts, little chicks followed their mother, all trying as much as possible not to chirp, the match was as organized as King Charles had plan, but there was a problem jack and Jill has refused to join the exodus, accusing King Charles and Freddie of being stupid, the whole community begged them but they refused King Charles ordered everybody to move and leave them behind

Farmer John returned to meet an empty farm, jack and Jill crept out smiling he angrily grabbed them both as he tied them rushed into the kitchen as he calls his sons they all rushed out with a huge nets the cocks flew fast, they were fat and over weight, Farmer John had been overfeeding them for Christmas sales, he was burning in rage as he dropped jack and Jill Farmer John's wife sharpened the knife, jack and Jill perceived a familiar smell, they spotted their mother's head on the kitchen dustbin with dried tears on her eyes, Farmer John's wife opened the refrigeration as she reached for the juice, Jack and Jill spotted the beheaded and defeathered body of their mother as they cried loud for help, Freddie heard their cry, he was compassionate as he orders the "troop" to match on, he ran back unfortunately for him he was caught by the farmer and his kids he angrily ran him over, he crowed loud as the rest of the chicken community CROSSED THE ROAD over to the other side.

Farmer John and his sons drove back home extremely angry and furious, ready to vent out all their angry and frustration on jack and Jill who were the "scape chickens".

Monday, November 15, 2010

my mid teen crisis

my Mid teen crisis.

My name is Joanna, but they call me Joe. I am suffering from mid-teen crisis-this is a phase of utmost confusion and severe anxiety. I just turned sixteen last week and since then my life has not been the same. I am a pretty, dark skinned girl; I am tall, at least for my age, that, is 5 ft 5 inches. I love baggy T-shirts; baggy jeans sagged a bit below my butt crack. I don’t make up, I don’t do earrings. I love my hair blown out and unretouched, it brings out the tiger in me.
I am a member of an all guys clique, or should I say, a fraternity. We call ourselves ‘the Tigers’. The school authority is against our activities but the school sport coordinator’s got our back, full time. I am in a boarding school- John Kings Secondary School. My biggest wish has been that I lose my two growing lumps(breasts as they are popularly called) and grow an extra appendage between my legs. I am a member of the school basket ball team, last interschool competition, I won the school’s favourite basketballer of the year, dad was very proud but mom wasn’t, she wants me to drop sports and enter the home management club, the thought is terrifying and I really cannot stand that club, it’s just filled with a bunch of nasty, spoilt, disgusting, drama queens, that spend on their time on fights and gossips over boys, backstreet boys and nail polish. I hate nail polishes and I think make- up should be illegal; it is high class deceit and lies.
Every morning when I wake up I see the school’s most beautiful and finest in their truest, crudest and natural forms. They are ugly, very ugly with nasty drool marks running down their mouths and phlegm dripping off their noses.
To me, girls are stupid; they are naturally dramatic, selfish, malicious, self centered and free born snitches. They pretend a lot. My worst part of everyday is bedtime, I just feel like killing myself each night at the dormitory seeing everybody naked and half dressed with big and little lumps intimidating themselves.
I hangout every evening with my fellaz over at the basketball court, we play cards, gamble and practice basket ball. I love the way guyz live. They are family, to them, the word brotherhood is much more intimate than the dictionary defines it, sisterhood is a joke, I call it spinsterhood (the life of a woman alone), and motherhood is ‘murder-hood’.
Guys are free, open, accommodating and honest to the core. They are brotherly, sharing and loving. Guys share everything ranging from personal toothbrushes down to boxers, briefs and under wears. That’s the good life not the hypocritic life of cats and cat fights. Mike said they share a bed space five to one over at the male dormitory. That is not possible over here.
Last two weeks was my birthday, my one and only birthday wish was for God to make me a guy. I wish so hard to be a guy that I stand to pee and imagine it’s flowing forward and not downward. On my birthday, Mike got me a pres\nt and that’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten since I was born, it was a t-shirt and on it was written “girls are not to be trusted...trust just God and dogs…God is man’s closest friend and dog is man’s best friend…trust just dogs don’t trust girls ”
Right now I don’t know what is happening to me, my mid teen crisis has intensified, I am becoming like them, I think I’m beginning to like Mike and I hate the feeling. I no longer feel like a ‘brother’ around him, I don’t want to feel shy around him, I just want to play with him like before with no pup petering strings attached. These days before practice I brush my hair well and always get tempted to make up. My basket ball shorts are always neat and well ironed these days. Whenever I’m with him, breathing is hard, thinking is even harder, I either get dumb or I talk too much and talk rubbish. Mike said I’ve been acting strange lately and he likes ‘the strange me’. He himself has also been acting strange; we both have been coming early for practice, maybe a little too early.
During practice he keeps trying to grab my lumps, I try to act like I don’t understand, but I know we both know this is beyond basket ball. I feel like girls now, I now know the complete lyrics of Britney spears’ ‘just a girl’. I am at a cross road now, I’m torn between the life of prince charming and that of Cinderella. Yesterday, I watched the tigers disintegrate and break up over an empty fight and it was all because me, it was unbelievable, guys fight!? Mike was crying like a girl and it was all because of me, me! I felt nothing but just pity, and I realized today that I’M JUST A GIRL AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE IT, I talked to Fifi about my feelings and she said it’s called love, please somebody, tell me, could this be love or something more?

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Wedding

My wedding

I am angry, constantly bitter; I’ve not always been like this, but right now I have grown to become an angry, sad, old lady. My chest constantly burns deeply; I just enrolled for an anger management Class at the psychiatric hospital with Dr Jones. Last week i smashed my television into pieces the week before it was my laptop, it was then i knew i had a problem. I am 31 years old. My name is Lisa Okoh a.k.a. ‘Mona Lisa’ if you listen to 98.2 FreaQ FM you will definitely know this name. The very soft, sensational, happy voice that anchors the show ‘woman to woman’ every Wednesday on FreaQ FM. (Happy indeed) all those are just but make believes, that’s what I’m paid to do
2006 was my favourite year it was my big break i graduated from school, got a job at the Nigerian press community and also got a contract with FreaQ FM, I was young, (i still am) radical, and exuberant. I was always ready to experiment. I was a born extrovert; according to mother my first word was the word as a baby was ‘Afghanistan!’ (To me, that’s really a BIG word for a kid). My job was fun and exciting, (oh! it used to be), i used to work overtime always i just didn’t used to want leave the studio. I won an award in 2007 as the best for the best radio personnel, i also won plenty other youth awards. My name was sung up the hill and down the valley. The biggest thing that happened to me in 2007, bigger than all the awards to me was Jacob to coming into my life. Jacob was a second year student of mass communication- photography major. I still remember that day; it was a cold, rainy July night. During the After party of Sola’s album launch, a young, cute well built young man stepped up to me and told me to autograph his boxers, I was shocked as I watched him, loosen his belt and unzip his trouser, my heart was beating fast, i felt embarrassed but i wanted to be undefeated so i stood tall and bold, I can still remember, it was a tight, red Hugo boss briefs. He gave me a pen as he smiled mischievously as I signed my hands pressed against his thick Thighs and I shivered it’s been a while i felt that way. I’ve been sexually inactive for years now; it’s been work, work and work. Men were the least thing on my mind, i have many suitors but i don’t have their time. After i signed he gripped my hand tightly and said ‘hope you wouldn’t mind i tattoo you too’ as he chucked, his voice was husky i had taken a little too much wine, so my judgements were not accurate he dragged me to the dark corner, I followed him happily as a sheep to the slaughter i liked the feeling. It was a cold night and the night was perfect, the DJ then started playing my favourite song ‘immortality- Celine Dion’ my head was on fire, filled with crazy sparks. It was then we both agreed it was going to be just a one night stand, after which we won’t contact each other again. After the wonderful night i woke up early, stole Jacob’s complimentary card. Unknowing to me he took my driver’s licence so too I’ll contact him. Long story short we kept in touch Jacob was 20. I bought him a car, we were crazily and blindly in love (or should i say stupidly delusional). I knew we had no future but i just didn’t want to let go, Jacob was young, maybe too young for me. I was 27 then. I loved the feeling of being young again, i felt like a secondary school girl again. I used to play childishly with Jacob, under the rain, in shops, in church everywhere. We had our trademark handshake.
Everybody told me i was being stupid, my colleagues at work, my younger sister Rosa, everyone but i just didn’t listen. I liked the temporal ‘high’ it was like euphoria.

It is 2010 now. Years has passed, Jacob broke up with me last year’s Christmas ( like I knew it wouldn’t happen) he is currently in the UK with his white wife, and their new born son -Sean which was the name I was reserving for my first son, that bloody fool! Bloody Thief!

Last week i lost my job because I slapped my boss recklessly, he said I was slacking in my duties i had become lazy and i come to work late. Do I need to tell now that work has become a big nightmare. I hate filling the attendance column with the section-martial status. I am tired of putting down single on the dotted line. Like my mother would say ‘girls are like flowers they blossom and they fade away’ i have blossomed and i am fading or should i say faded away. I can’t take jokes about husbands no more; strangers address me as Mrs Lisa before i correct them that it is still ‘Miss’, as they apologize in disappointment. I am beautiful, used to be much more beautiful. I threw away my opportunities over nothing. Jacob still E-mails me and ends all his E-mails with ‘I love you deeply’ is he crazy? Is he kidding me? Mscheww what does he know about love other than good bed time?

Next weekend is my kid sister’s wedding and I’m not going, I’ll be at the spa chilling. I cannot stand seeing people pity me like they always do, all my friends and foes are getting married, I feel completely left out, most of their conversation are dominated with wedding planner, Ante- natal, child christening, family planning, HUSBAND,! HUSBAND! And more HUSBAND! I feel like a student who has not been attending maths class and is in the middle of a quiz, they make marriage look so sweet, my best friend Ada is travelling to Dubai for summer holidays with her husband and family, did I tell you about my kid sister’s best friend- Brandy who had their honeymoon in the Bahamas, the photos are all over Facebook. Everybody’s relationship status has upgraded to MARRIED! My parents claim to be fine with me staying back with them at home; I still retain my old room painted pink just as it has always been. Every time when my mother speaks to me I hear pity in her voice, it frustrates me and makes me cry every night. I am desperate, very; very desperate I’ll do anything just to have the title ‘Mrs’ in front of my name, have my own family and be seen on Facebook with an album labelled ‘MY WEDDING’. This is not an advert; it is more than just an advert. Help me please i desperately need a man, help! I am for sale buy me. This is my story.

Age: 31
Lisa Okoh
Aka ‘Mona Lisa’
For the Lighthouse newspaper

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

buy me a rose

Buy me a rose

Buy me a rose, now
No! maybe tulips
Tell me you love me now
Yes, say it from your true lips

Cry me a river, now
No! Maybe an ocean
Hold me now
Yes, right now

Hold me tight
Yes, a little more tight
Write me letters
Sweet, sweet letters

Praise me now
A little more now
Appreciate me more
Yes a little much more

Please don’t wait
Please don’t linger
Yes wait not
Don’t let it linger

Know me now
Don’t wait till I’m gone
Hug me goodbye
Cause soon I will be gone

Gone deep down
Down with the ashes
And it will all gone

Please don’t come to my gravestone
Now, not ever
Please don’t cry for on my gravestone
Not now, not ever
Love me now, now or never.

cupid's got a GUN!

Cupid’s got a gun

Sniff sniff...
What’s that smell?
What is going on?
What is wrong with everybody?
Why is here so desolate?
Why I’m I alone?

I hear there’s a party
And everybody is going
It’s Over at the love garden and
Love is in the air
I hear it’s infectious

Hey little cupid
Don’t be stupid
Where is your halo?
And your tiny arrow?

What is that in your right hand?
Is that a pistol!?
Aren’t you too young
to handle a gun?

Oh! No! Don’t aim at me, stupid
Are you crazy?
Everybody get down!
He’s gone crazy

Cupid’s got a gun on the play ground
And I’ve got a breastplate
Though he shoots
I will not fall

No I will not surrender
I will stand tall
Here I am, shoot it’s your call
Give me your best shot
Here’s my heart

Give a straight shot
X marks the spot
Be quick, shoot
No more hide and seek, shoot

Cupid’s got a gun
And I will not run
Cupid’s got a gun
And I’ve got two
So let’s have fun

Monday, November 1, 2010

beautiful feet

Beautiful feet


Makuochi Okafor

Ever been to Lagos, Nigeria? What was the first thing you noticed? Did you notice how fast everything moves, on four wheels, on four legs and most interestingly on two legs? Everybody walking fast with heads high, shoulders tall and neck straight, stepping in this strong aura of confidence, elegance and grace. On my first visit to Lagos I wondered what the secret was, how everybody moved so fast and yet still looked unstressed and happy as I noticed one thing most of these people had In common, they had beautiful feet.

Lagos is Nigeria’s biggest city, Nigerians were once said to be the happiest people on earth. Walk the street of Lagos and you won’t doubt that. Lagos displays boldly the rich cultural wealth of Nigeria, with over 225 Ethnic groups uniting in a colourful harmony. Nigerians has developed this identity as they proudly refer to the country as NAIJA, Everybody walking and talking ‘Naija’, smiling generously even under the worst situations.

Many people believe that your outward look has a lot to say about your inside, I also believe that too. At the mere look of these people’s feet you will smile at the beauty. Every foot telling its own unique story . Stories of where they are, where they‘ve been and where they are going to. The loudest footwear trend I noticed on most Nigerians feet (Guys & Ladies alike) were that of the palms. This stylish informal sandal-like footwear comes in different shapes, colours and sizes. Palms are simple, comfortable and most of the times flat. Mostly handmade and crafted at the local market by shoe makers using leather, can also be made with suede, might be decorated with beads, wood, cowries, feather, fur, fabric, twine, thatch Etc. or any other creative material of the creator’s choice. It can be in form of flip-flops but rarely as clogs.

This informal wear gives you the freedom to show off your toes (especially if you just did your nails), look simple and still look elegant.

Palms go with almost everything. Can go beautifully with a pair of jeans and a T- shirt/shirt .

Can also perfectly fit khaki shorts for an evening walk, highlighting your feet and your legs too. Palms are also worn with most traditional Nigerian wears. Palms originally were just men’s affair but now the trend knows no gender boundaries no more. Some are crafted with this delicate, girly, feminine touch. Well curved and shaped, decorated with flowers, beads etc.

Other stories apart from those of the palms are told too on the streets of Lagos, stories of the young, happy and sporty Nigerian youth on colourful snickers, canvas, converses and high tops shoes, and ladies stepping confidently on the soles of their gladiator sandals ( a sandal with ankle length or a-bit –above-the-ankle straps) stories of working class guys on the beautiful old classic leather formal shoes shining black, walking behind them are their working class lady friends with 6 inches high heel shoes, pip toes, wedges and block face shoes each reflecting the possessor feelings. The streets of Lagos, Nigeria has more than enough stories to tell of different days and occasions, of weddings, Sunday church services, parties and evening walks. Stories of elegant shoes, sandals, palms, bare feet and more. But the most interesting story is that every foot in Nigeria is beautiful. Every foot in Nigeria speaks and smiles just like its possessors.


my unread auto biography

Life begets life

Living begets living....

My life started 4 months ago in this room, it was like magic, more like fireworks, half of me and another half collided, it was sudden, so sudden after the collision i rested and covered myself with many blankets.

5.45am i woke up and it was two weeks past! mom had been up since 4.00 she was listening to her favorite song 'holy holy' by Cece Winas.

My mother is a third year pharmacy stundent of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She's 20 years old and she's very beautiful and confident she doesn't care about what you have to say and thats why she proudly carries me everywhere she goes.

Every tuesday we go for choir practice in the church, my mom loves church, i think a little too much. In the choir she sings soprano where she sits in front and make eye contact with franklin the pianoist he plays very well. Everyday after choir practice franklin walks us to our room-225 Eyo-ita hostel.

I like him he takes mom and i to our favourite restraunt in school-'coke villa' where we eat rice,fish and salad and talk about music,school, fashion and church gossip, franklin said that last week he saw the choir mistress-Ada and smith kissing under the big tree in front of new arts theatre by 10.35pm.

Mom likes franklin a little too much, when ever he's around her heart beat fast and loud almost deafening my fragile eyes, they 'sms' each other daily,

I love my mother dearly and she loves me too.we are closely connected our connection feels closer than what mom and Franklin did last three months in his BQ(boy's quater as it is called)mom thinks about it always even in the church

I remember the first day she put sugar in my blood it was so sweet! I leaped for joy, she cleaned up my room last week. I am changing real fast my whole organs are now functioning well i think it's pastor Chike's prayers. I am so grateful to God. My heart beats well, i think it's a miracle

Last week monday mom woke up and she was feeling sick, she threw up twice that morning, the next day she also woke up early, rushed straight to the bathroom and threw up endlessly. I don't what is wrong with her and she doesn't to tell me, two days later i woke up and found her crying with sister Emem comforting her, both whispering and i could hear was pregnancy pregnany!. I wonder what that is.

Later that day mom took me to kendra's room.As we knocked i saw mom wiping her eyes fast, kendra opened the door and screamed out LA BABY LA HOT!, you look fat and beautiful.she loves saying LA BABY LA HOT more than she likes 'okpa' she welcomed us and gave us a seat she is a final year student of the music Department, i want to be a musician when i grow up, in her room every sort of gossip takes place from Fine boys,Frat parties,to sex scandals, to class results even down to what the pastor ate this morning, she loves talking and screaming. I like her more than Emem, Emem only talks about God,bible and school. She has no life!

before kendra could start talking mom resumed crying again, i think it's franklin cause they no more 'sms' like they used to do before. I wonder what all these tears are about. They started whispering softly

Later that evening mom called franklin over i was so happy it's been a while since i saw him, when he came mom took us to 'meshiy' joint where she bought bread and fried egg as we strolled down to our usual spot- the metal beach in front of Bello hostel it's serene, dark and always cool there.As we all sat down mom said 'frank, do you love me?', and he replied 'of course i do', she then said 'what will say if i tell I AM 3 MONTHS PREGNANT' and he froze immeditely and said 'NO, it's a lie, please tell me you are joking' mom was furious immediately as she said 'shut up, i told you let's not do it again but you refused now she what you've done' as she cried, sobbing bitterly frank was speechless he stood up with two hand on his head and walked towards home without turning back.

Mom didn't sleep that night she was awake, worried about grandpa-her dad, the church, her school and everybody.

I was crying too in this room i pitied her

mom woke up late and on her phone was an sms from frank reading 'get rid of that THING,GO FLUSH IT OUT i will foot the bills' mom was so shocked and amazed,she could not speak.

we dressed up,ate 'okpa' and 'garri' as usual and went over to kendra's.

She supported frank,she adviced mom to get rid of 'that thing' point to my head! As mom shook her head in disagreement

After the long talk they both agreed to get rid of me. I am a 4 months old nameless girl, this is my unread autobiography

on the 17th of january 2010 my mother murdered me, i will never forgive her and her friends,

that morning we woke up early,got a cab the hospital, kendra was with us, oh! I thought she was good, she was the master mind behind my murder.

The doctor smiled and laid mom and i on a soft bed, i watched it all happen, i was so scared i heard mom say loud to herself, forcing herself to believe that i was 'a thing' and that i was not living.

If i was really just 'a thing' mom would have left me to stay till nine months, she'll be surprised what i'll become

i believe pastor Chike,his philosophy is that everybody has a purpose and deserves life, i have a purpose, i have a dream, i want to be a musician, i want to be rich and famous, i want to have a family like everybody, i want to feel love, real love, too bad it's all over,all my dreams,all over

The doctor injected mom with a 'sleeping drug', he said my room is called a womb. And that all my organs are working perfectly. I am healthy

I cried as i saw them bring in all the 'war tools', the sharp blades and weapons ,and i wondered all this for me? A harmless,innocent, little child?

I wondered what i had done to deserve this painful death, it was brutal.

I was wide awake, i saw the doctor cut my forming hand, i cried as my tender eyes bleed. Blood gushed as i died. On the 17th of jaunary my mother killed me,she planned my death with franklin,my Dad. Nobody knew my name nor my story.

Life begets life

living begets living

i lived, i was begotton of the living.

I am not 'a thing'

i am girl

here is my last word before i die

Everybody has the right to life, even the unborn.


My cocoon

Afraid i came

perplexed all the same

cold within

stronghold within

wrapped around

thick blankets around

joy abound

and all my answers found

fear relieved

life released

walls are thick

bonds so weak & thick

Blood so thick

red as ink

here life begins

in here again

hands held tight

through rough fights

goodbyes waved once

still keeps us in towns

this warm cocoon

sweet sweet cocoon

deep warm cocoon

breeds this red lagoon

(c) 2010 Okafor Makuochi

i am the human, they are the zombie

Lost here in the desert

i am all alone searching

for just a drop of water

i stand with head held high

i see my fellows fly-by

They all flaunt their similar feathers

all of them with the same disease

they share the flu up in the beautiful sky

so blue

They spread the influenza like it's Christmas bonanza

Their feathers are styled loud & Extravangaza!

I dare to be different & that is my style

They are marvelled at my gut & they hate my 'Bile'

but they just would not admit.

Their flapping wings hit me with so much pressure,

their number increases daily without measure

They flood on me like the mighty oceans wave

but i stand 'against the flow'

and all their ocean current hit the cave

It is me against the world.

YES! I cannot beat them

But No! I will not join them

I will no longer suffocate in silence

I will crow So LOUD until someday i am found

I am the human,they are the Zombies

They march the desert

streets,like mighty

Soilders feet

They are nothing but empty toy soilders

Nothing but little robot kits

I am the ORIGINAL copy

They are 'mass-produced' clones

I am true breed Copy

They are just but Noisy megaphones

I am the HUMAN...They are the Zombies

Dear mother Earth

dear mother earth

can you hear me?

has old age captured your ears?

can you see me,lost in this 'over crowd',?

over six billion souls,all crying out loud

Groaning about deep pains

screaming about the plains

The soil lies bare,it grows no harvest

what happened to the green years?

what happened to bounty days?

we have angered you,we have spat you in the face

what happened to all you taught us?

about peace

about unity

about love

about morality

about justice....

we have made our own rules

we have built the best bombs,better guns

we have exhibited the best 'art of war'

we have wounded poor souls

enslaved the innocent,torn down mighty heights

emptied wasted blood into harmless seas

left it blood red

suffocated little sea creatures

dispersed tree birds,pulled down their homes

enslaved elephants,enslaved poor ants

fought against every JUST thing

adopted new cultures of greed,lifestyle of vane

fame & sugar cane wealth

we swin in blood money

oh it tastes like honey

looks at us,look what we've turned into

animals,dirty filty animals

carnivorous beasts!

we no more prey wild animals

our brother's flesh is now a better meat

his blood the wine of our feast

we have snatched them their home

starved them

taken their little homes

left them naked,here in the field cold

displayed them on the BIG screen pretending to care

we have discriminated our brother

on the bases of skin tone & colour

bases of choice & belief

place of birth & origin

we have OVER explioted your crust

emptied large oceans dry

diseased the air,left it lifeless & helpless

we have torn down ozone's blanket

we want it no more

what happened to happy marriages

now is all happily divorced after

what happened to men marrying women

now its men marrying men

what happened to honest,hard working youth

now its weak,lazy,restless fools

what happened to nature and purity

now its all sand & ashes,dark clouds of gases

you have plagued us in your anger

with your rushing tears of FLOOD

angry pump of tsunami blood

heartless HEAT of warth

dry skin cracks of earthquakes

poundin head volcanos

cureless scars of cancer

painful curse of AIDS

heavy sigh of storms

bald grassland,and hungry sad band

sad crying faces,sorrowful music for the babies

where really are we?

we are lost & forgotten in this place

tommorrow we shall leave you

we are going to MARS

to start a new life

good bye mother earth,we disown you today

(c) okafor makuochi

Gorillas on moonscape

Isn't ths funny?

How you speak to me

like you really know it all

what is all this empty noise?

About science and arts,

datas and facts

you know this all an act

your little mechanical creations

are one billionth of my arts and acts

your noisy boasts about medicine & life,

cloning & surgerical knives

ah! Isnt that my help?

Is it your rep?

All these complex life-minute under lens

you view and mute

are they by chance?

Tiny cells & giant stars

complex organs and heavy mars,

the mighty sun & the chettah's run

they came by chance.

All your ancient knowledge of apes

of gorillas at moonscape

does it sound so good?

What about today,has your super apes taken a break?

When are they going to speak awake,or create & recreate

my 'foolishness' vs. Your greatest wisdom is like

mountain everest vs a sand grain of everest

sell off your worthless ego let's trade it for your priceless soul,

and its BINGO!

I have watched you toil,

toil day & night just like your fathers

building up ladders

ladders & towers at the desert of BABEL,right after abel

take me & be free,

i have your manuel

i produced those brain cells

forged you out of clays and hard nails

painted you sweet pale

oh my beautiful TOY frail

deep light


Where really am i? what’s going on?

...Last two weeks I remember coming Back from work, sliding into my bathtub and falling into this quick very deep spontaneous sleep, deeper than my soul can tell,right now even as we communicate now, I have not woken up yet, all I remember was seeing deep bright light, images of my childhood, teen days and my youth flash my eyes fast in the speed light like a slide show. I know this is not a dream

I noticed I took my last inhale of breath, my pulse seized I fell into this transitory trace or should I say sleep. It felt like forcing little sparks and electric shocks through an orgasm, it felt like deep inhale of air with both eyes closed tight and speeding into nothingness or more like a free swift endless fall into this empty bottomless pit, holding your breath to hit the bottom but it’s not forth coming

All I feel here is this huge vacuum and in depth emptiness, like am missing something but I can’t just place it. After the deep light came blinding darkness darker than ocean’s depth.

Here is an abyss of loneliness. Last week was fun and awesome I watched all my friends and enemies assemble and jubilate in this colorful flamboyant funeral my headstone was a beautiful slate of foreign marble, with my name and title engraved on it. i heard the priest read it out

Sir Barr. Clinton Okoh


We love you, you are our hero

As he wiped his eyes, I remember him, he never liked me, we nearly fought on my wedding day, he said my wife was pregnant outside the altar.

I also saw my best friend kunle(“mongo park”) as he cried uncontrollably like a mourning widow, my mother looked strong she’s becoming used to these things she had lost daddy- her husband to this same sleep. I wish I could tell her that I spoke with dad here, he’s fine, he said he communicates to grandpa and grandma too. I couldn’t see him it’s so dark in here but at least I heard him vividly. Everything feels empty I’m not sad neither am I happy…everything is steady, motionless and lifeless. I don’t even feel pity or hate or love.

I saw my wife devastated, going amok or should I say gaga. With my 5year old son watching my wife in fear and confusion oh !how I miss that cold feeling

I even saw my biggest foe! Amber rose, read a tribute over my gravestone, shedding crocodile tears. How deceptive can humans be. She doesn’t know I see her heart now. In here I seem to have developed 5 extra senses and lost one-my favourite THE SENSE OF TOUCH and also the ability of locomotion & movement. I have also lost all my emotions, feeling, of sadness, depression, pity, happiness, and fear… all I know here is echoing silence

Last week kunle dressed me up in a silver coloured suit, well polished prada shoes a white shirt & a purple tie-purple was my favourite colour here it’s just either white or black no shades of grey in between. I was perfumed with Nike ice.

my favourite perfume, I still smell it in here, amber surprised me she dropped on my headstone her guitar!!! This same guitar that made us sworn enemies! This same guitar that I lost my job at the vogue hotel, Abuja to!!! What in this “world” will I be doing with now? She even invited my favourite band- freshly ground from south Africa. Was she trying to impress me? Well I don’t know if I am or not. Flowers decorated my headstone, music shot high loud until 5:00pm people waved their eternal goodbyes friend, foes & strangers acting like they knew me. I would have fallen for their skillful trick.

The priest read “ashes to ashes, dust to dust…” as my wife closed me in this empty box as I was lowered slowly below ground surface I could not hear them clearly any longer my last sounds were the line from freshly ground’s song "I'D LIKE" playing in the distancing surface above “what will you do if I held your hand and laid you down?” as lumps of sand hit the lid of my box slowly, it got heavier and louder until I couldn’t hear them anymore. I can’t feel this box I don’t even know if it’s warm or cool I can only imagine it warm.

As thick dark misty air cover the lid of my box.

After Last week’s event I have been wide awake waiting for something to happen, just one thing, but nothing! No more visits! Forgotten in just two weeks?!… life goes on as “they’ll say. At least I get the usual visits of big-headed termites eating my wrinkling skin, it used to be succulent like red tomatoes today it’s perishing like wasting vegetables. These termites enjoy my jelly brain flesh as they creep slowly through my ears and nose. They really love my brain tissues. I don’t feel their bite. I am just so numb; I miss the feeling of pain, pinching pin, touching & feeling things, the warmth of hugs, or the divine joy satisfying a brutal itch!...

All my thoughts, hopes, plans, dreams, and all my mighty knowledge of life and science, music & arts, people & places has all been buried here in this empty worthless box. At least my big secrets are safe here with me too.

I see clearly now as if I have been blindfolded all this while, I hear far & loud, even my own thoughts are echoing loud in this box. The guys at the mortuary gorged out my frozen, lifeless heart last week. They put me in a better box with crystal clear white misty gas.

Today my box was broken & heavily infested by termites big & small. These termites are done enjoying my silver coloured suit now all I have left is torn birthday suit. For the first time I feel unashamed in my birthday suit.

I am still sleeping awake. Morning through night, day by day… I am waiting for something, something new, maybe a miracle, some divine intervention

Maybe a "wake-up" miracle, will I ever wake up? And feel the sun burn me skin deep, or sniff fresh air, or smell the forest woods, or feel a sweet hug again.

Will I ever see you again?

Will I ever wake up?

my sucide note( by hanging)


i have given up trying to tell you

you will never admit it

failure is so sweet

Today i take this easy way out

I hang up here tight

this door never opened

my eyes were wide open

rescue never came

oh! what a shame

I waited to my last breath

I hoped to the last drop

you flopped to my satisfaction

Thank you for your absence

as i swung in anticipating silence

you are never here when i need you

i wish you were here

I dreamt of you cutting this rope

i wished you'll save me

i prayed you'll save me

you never save me

i wish you were here

-with love


Copyright (c) 2010

Okafor Makuochi

our bitter dance

At the beach we strolled

on airy streets, we walked

in restaurantsrestruants we laughed

at parks, we played

hands tight

legs high

mouth wide

lips locked

on red altar carpet we vowed

down the isle we walked

wedding bells they rang

dreamland was real

paradise was ours

a kiss to seal

'for better, for worse'

was more than words

and the stage was set

life began

in life swam, splashed and laughed

and swam the more

we swam astray

from oceans deep to desserts bank

life began

life happened

he played the drums

and chroegraphed the dance

our bitter dance

the ugly music

your once sweet meal, my tongues tastes bitter

my once sweet music, in your ears now ring


this fat spouse

this noisy spouse

our wrecking house

we danced with knives

and played with guns

we read sweet poems of laws and courts

for better, for better

for worse, for us

we signed the papers

with pride, on furs

worlds scattered

hearts apart

love abound

hate avenged

till death did us path

Copyright(c) 2010

what the heck is love??

Last two days i asked a group of young people who claimed to be in love to tell me what love was, non of them could answer clearly, their answers were incoherent and meaningless, after series of blabbing, one(a guy) in the group spoke up boldly and honesty...

in his words "LOVE FEELS LIKE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE"...in short he concluded Love=Sex ...his answer was sincere and honest and got me thinking the more "What the HECK is love"...

for me I've never "been in love" so i can't even tell the sensation, i've had strong crush,been attracted to people(sexually and non)

From my close observation,many people(95%) who claim and strongly believe to be in love, are just daydreaming, living in fairytale land and lying to themselves.

here are some conclusions I've come up with

-love is NOT, i repeat, is Not an Emotion

-it is not a feeling

-it is more than a sensation

-to me it is a strong BOND

let me explain! People confuse mere feeling of attraction(sexual or otherwise) to Love

the word "love" is highly over rated

when people obtain satisfication and relief (sexual, emotional, financial or other wise) they confuse it for love that's why most guys confess SINCERELY their love to their spouse/ partner after a good sex

I'm not sure if i know what really love is as thIS unrealistic, illusive world today portray it, flowers, and scents, candles, cupid and arrows?.free like sparrows...bla bla bla

The holy book(THE BIBLE) presented love in the most realistic way and painted a real, vivid, touchable picture and not some fairytale script of cartoon character running on the beach, of a handsome prince and princess..., for heaven's sake what's all that what's love got to do with all these Drama!?

you only see what your eyes want to see, and feel what your heart wants to feel, you only fall in love with who you want to fall in love, it's not as magical as we claim if not i wonder why people don't get to fall in love with mad people, cripple beggers, ugly people e.t.c

why does the magical cupid only get to satisfy our dream?

To me love as we paint it just a switch which we you conscious switch on and off at will, i make myself fall in love even with a horse as löng as it pleases me all i have to do is conscious dwell in thoughts, with it, create a hype, sensitize my senses that everything about the horse becomes a big deal, the way it walks, the way it smells, the way it chows hay...bla bla bla and that satisfactory temporal 'High' is what people call being in love

love has nothing to do with 'the physical', quality, tangibility...it has nothing to do with sex,hormones, emotions and feelings

to me love is a strong growing connection of relationship and bond...i am in love, madly in love with all my friends boys and girls alike...

Who said love is just for the opposite gender alone???...love no gender boundaries, it is real, it is not based on sentiments and feelings.

it is virtures of kidness, patience, understanding, reality and sincerity not some phony talks

as i have been taught my my honest dear friend falling in love is falling in lust...yes! I see a girl I'm in love with her, the truth is that i just want to get physical with her...if people are honest to themselves they have gotten physical with the people they' re in love with...or really, really want and crave for physical satisfaction with those they claim to love even if it stops at Kissing...does that not shock you ?

most couples get married not because of love but

-out of obligation

-out of life's responsibility of procreation

-others cause it's a norm of age

real love is just true, sincere and pure friendship,

it is a bond and connection and nothing more, no hormonal excitement added to it, no beating hearts, no uneasy loins, no sleepless nights...

1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 painted it real all the virtue listed there depict true friendship and that is love!

in my world love as we see is fake, lies and fairytale

in my world love is Just a growing bond of friendship




It all happened in one second...

The skies were dark, dust wrapped the air, as i lay, faced up in great confusion, her wounded, bleeding body landed beside me.....

This was how it all began....


November 16th

Feast of sacrifice

It was a cold, windy harmattan morning, mom woke me up earlier,

she disrupted my dream -it was about ibrahim - my next door neighbour and favourite playmate, i think i like him, i've been trying to force myself to sleep to continue the dream! As i dosed off i was woken with a heavy slap and it was mom, as i was gaining consciousness i realised that my bed was wet.

Oh NO! not again, not today i had bedwetted, after i made a promise to her yesturday,never to bedwet again , as i opened my eyes she was right in my face ranting and screaming displaying fury and anger in every possible gesture and language...

Oh before i forget my name is Halima Bello, i am 13 years old, i just got admitted into Federal governmant college, kaduna. I have never been happlier, i have been giving Allah praise since monday the day before yesturday. Today is the Eid al-adha (The festival of sacrifice) the end of Hajj.

oh! how I love holidays mom gets to cook all sorts of delicacy.

Today started like every other normal morning after the usual me vs. mom early morning fight, i walked to the kitchen did the dishes and had breakfast mom made 'tuwo' with 'nunu' to wash it down we all prayed and ate happily...

I freshened up, took my bath and dressed up, mom and i were going shopping at the local market to shop for the Eid al-adha holiday, a ram for the feast and more 'dawa' (millet) grains.

i had my list ready, mom said i should make a list of all the things i needed for school.

On my list the number 1 item was

-2 sanitary pad sets (i had my first flow last month, mom has been educating me)

i am just too exicted, the haramattan makes it even better, i really love haramattan, the cold wind, the dryness and the smell of dust.

As we arrived the kaduna local market the commotion was high and loud, everybody looked happy and over joyed, women exchanging joyful hugs and chatting expressly. Mom was too busy to notice Mrs. Amadu wave. I spotted the 'kilish' spot,that was my major motivation for following mom to market, as she nearly rushed pass, mr musa stopped her, greeted her politely and asked if she wasn't going to get me some, i was so happy as i winked at mr Amadu and he cheerfully winked back, mom bought #250 pack of 'kilish' for me

We had a stressful walk around the maze of the overcrowded market, as i ate the peppery 'kilish' with my left hand , mom held and dragged me speedily by right hand.A local cart full and heavily packed with our stuff ,dragged by a boy my age following us in speed.

Mom was rushing to the general abattoir to buy and butcher the ram. As we arrived, mom was really angry as her most dreaded scene was taking place, there was a huge crowd, people hitting people, voice colliding, bodies colliding...

While we stood on the long queue waiting for our turn, a man with a long, bugous, black 'caftan' robe flowing down to the tip of his toe with His head tightly tied with arabian scaff, his thick, bushy beard rolling down he climb high, stood high on top of the center abattoir table as he looked left, looked right and rushed his hands under his robe, as i watched the funny looking 'mad' man closely and laughed

he screamed in a loud voice FOR ALLAH!!!!!

And right then was a big deafening blast, i one second everything changed, the beautiful day turned ugly. His black, burning body parts scattered in the air as i ran off in fear, voices screamed high ,tables flew up,rams bleet loud as they flew up into the open sky, the force hit people and scattered the crowd, i was so confused i didn't want to think fear gripped me as the force of the blast hit me against the wall, and i realized it was a suicide booming

It all happened in one second

The skies were dark, dust wrapped the air, as i lay faced up in confusion her wounded bleeding body landed beside me, as i turned it was mom. she was torn in pieces i was too overwheld the shock seized my breath, shouts of tears and sorrow echoed above as i cried and wailed ,i thought of all our fights, and laughter, all our days of struggles since dad's death, her dream of my marriage with ibrahim, our dream of matriculation at ABU, Zaria and i wepted and gnashed my teeth in heart pain. It's all over i am now a helpless orphan.

Just because of one man's belief! What a surprising belief

For Allah's sake what is the point?

Where is the love?

Miss Mary always talks about love, the type she was taught, the type that dies for others freely and doesn't let people perish for nothing the type that took her place on the cross, all i could remember was our last argument on sunday as she said ''love never hurts anybody''

copyright(c) 2010 Okafor Makuochi

100 question for father

Dear Father,

Can you hear me?

Are you really up there?

Are you real?

Why don't you pick my calls sometimes?

Why did you make me?

Is there a reason?

Why am i not a bird?

Did you really create the earth and all in it?

Why am i a Nigerian(didn't you see better countries like USA to place me in)?

Why did you put me into the Okafor's family?

Do you know about my family problems?

Why am i phelgmatic/sanguine?

Do you truly care?

Did you see me cry deeply the other night?

Why did you take Uncle Chukwuma away fast


Were you awake the night i cried and sent you all my dark secrets?

Is it true you never sleep?

Okay, how many hairs are on my head?

Why do you even care so much about a mere mortal like me?

Did you know i was going to get an 'F' in that exam?

is it true you know my future?

what will i be?

Is my future bright?

Will i be rich,successful, famous and happy?

Why didn't i do medicine?

Is it true it was you who caught me as i struck my foot against stone yesturday?

How difficult was it for you to create the world


Can you ever leave me?

Have you ever cried?

Do you have emotions


Who is your favourite human?

Have i ever made laugh?


What my number on you 'favourite people' list?

What's your favourite colour?(please don't tell me white)

What's you idea of fun?

What's you favourite song?

Can you dance?

What do you eat?

Is it true manna tastes like waffers?

Do you see my earnest confusion here on earth?

Do you know i love you?

Why do you let me suffer some times

Why have you left some difficult things in my life


Did you know about

earthquake in haiti?

why did it happen?

When will i die?

Do you really know all things?

Were you the one who sent me dinner tonight?(if it were you thanks i'm so broke now)

When will you send me money?

Is it true you always think of me


That book you wrote said you love me...is it true?

Have you ever wished you were someone else?

Is anything difficult for you?

Why are you not quantifiable, my scientist friends say you don't exist...can you show them some evidence


Are you angry with me?

have i asked you too many questions

i'm i boring?(pls tell me NO!)

when are you going to visit?...soon?

P.s: i need a new phone ASAP...reply fast

Your son


Haven's avenue

Haven’s avenue

It is 2:33am and the whole haven’s avenue i can bet is awake or away, either praying or happily lodged away in a hotel. Uncle Sam has been crying all evening and has refused to eat nor drink as a punishment for not being able to afford the cheapest local hotel bill, Aunty Efe prepared the family’s favourite pounded yam and nsala soup as we broke our fast by 9.00pm, she has told him not to worry as it wasn’t his fault, civil servants had not being paid for 8months! And there was nobody to turn to the family’s name was already synonymous with debt. We had even gone as far as borrowing from the street gate man Mr Musa. Even Musa was able to pay for the local guest house and we weren’t (oh my!)

Today must be the most memorable day of my life, today started with a sad news Chika called to report how Cindy a little 7 year old girl was carried and drowned by the heavy currents of yesterday’s rain the streets drainage has been bad and getting worse year after year and nobody cares anymore the letters written to the government over the years concerning the bad drainage is enough to make the pages of a standard bible. Haven’s avenue has been “non-motorable” for over 2 years now. After we got the sad news we all went over to Cindy’s apartment to pay them a condolence visit. Aunty Efe had declared a fast this morning; she bought us all new chaplets. Uncle Sam came home today with a gallon of blessed holy water, we had sprinkled it on our door post and gate earlier this night. I have prayed “hail Mary” 364 times today and this is my 365th time.

This has been one hell of a week in our street-haven’s avenue day before yesterday Rose-Mary, our neighbour’s house help was sexually harassed down the lonely street corner by the popular street mad man Ade, around 8pm. It was violent and brutal Rose-mary is an under-aged girl possibly 10 she was reported to be coming back from an Errand over at the aboki’s shop as she was attacked. Rumour has it that my picture was in his breast pocket that i am his number one target. He was beaten and burnt to death as he was nabbed by the haven’s avenue youth club, i also was told that he was screaming my name even while he burnt. Like that wasn’t enough Dr tony was electrocuted to death yesterday evening as he climbed the NEPA pole to fix his illegal electric connection he had been doing that for 5months now, he never pays his NEPA electric bills. The whole street wondered what was going to be next

Well the next was even better late yesterday night Musa announced on the public address system of a shocking letter he received from a stranger, he opened it and found a bullet, the letter was titled PROMISE OF A PLUNDER and the content was a warning from Ade’s friends and family threatening to attack the street. Everybody thought it was just a joke as by 3.15am yesterday as i was studying and falling asleep as usual i was suddenly woken up by the loud blasts of countless bullet launches, the night echoed the blast loud. Uncle Sam says they were AK-47s Aunty Efe argues they were machine guns.

Fear and great Panic seized us all as night drew near the street lay bare all day as we waited for Uncle Sam to come with a hope for escape all our bags had been packed. Our neighbours all waved us goodbye. Today was my First day of seeing a man cry, my uncle cried like a baby in aunty Efe’s arms he was sincerely disappointed with himself. The night crawled even slower than ever it seemed like eternity we all stayed locked-in at the boy’s quarters, Uncle sam, Aunty Efe, their new born chid –Gina and i. The street gate swung wide open Musa and his family had escaped early this morning to a local guest house. 2.33am and yet nothing has happened Aunty Efe and Uncle sam tip toe to the kitchen to Make coffee they were taking too long. As i saw the shadow of a familiar figure, reflect through the window , it resembled Ade’s i would have sworn it was him fear gripped me as i closed my eyes tight, Hot urine was forcing its way through me. I have never been this scared in my life the worst of all Gina was woken up by some strange voice outside saying “sabi na this be her house” and another replied exactly like Ade’s voice saying “Yes, na her house be this”. I opened my eyes as my heart beat faster and faster Gina squeaked, gently smiling at me as i tried to close her mouth with my hand the figure outside approached closer and the other two huge shadows behind shouted in native Yoruba language “let’s Leave here nobody’s here, this yard is empty” the worst happened as Aunty Efe and Uncle Sam tip toed their way back into the room Gina sighted her mom and cried out loud i was so shocked she increased her pitch and cried even louder, right then NEPA seized power we all rushed her held ourselves tight on the bed with racing hearts and waited for what next.

I could see the three shadow turn, coming back to our apartment in response to the loud cry, light from the solar powered street light reflected the shadows boldly...

yesturday has passed

Yesterday has passed away

Yesterday has passed away

Embedded beneath surface, buried

On ocean’s basin, undelivered messages

Floating on gentle water tides

Basking in the sun, skin-suntanned

Fossilized bones, dry skeleton

Rotten memories, saved beneath the crust

History long lost, frozen smiles - non stop

Frosted heartache, preserved through winter.

Resurrected emotions.

Lingering scents

Familiar voices

Long forgotten funeral

Excavated by modern mechanical machines

Beasts on four giant feet

Angry claws, scavenging the field

Scaring deep furrows

Skulls found

Missing clues

Hidden secrets on toothless skulls

Gliding slowly through the museum

Down ancient hallways

Saluting still pictures and images

Cold sculptures and dead statues

Indeed yesterday has gone with no

Forensic evidence.

Yesterday is dead, bury it in peace.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

day 1

i just want to welcome you all to the magic and wonders of alphapets...

yes the same ABC'S we all sang in nursery school have not changed but under those 'mere' letterS lies MAGIC...