Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The exodus

it was a cold December night, dry harmattan breeze swept the farm clean, dry feather floated weightless in the air, Farmer John's poultry farm was bubbling and banging "the feathers" a 4 Chicken band comprising of Harry's whole family entertained the farm singing "cock-a-doodle-doo" heads were nodding, feathers dancing both in tone with the music and the harmattan breeze, flora flaunted her tail feathers swinging it in Bella's face, flora was an expectant her, she is of the royal blood, she's was expecting 14 eggs, probably in an hour's time. Flora is the new farm's Diva, there were countless cock fights over her earlier during mating season. Bella was jealous, that was her last year, now she's getting old, this season she had only 4 eggs. Jack and jill displayed new stunts, flying high and landing on their back. At the end of the music performances king Charles II took the stage, clothed in coloured majesty, Charles was of the royal blood, a cockerel, his shiny feather reflected the yellow bulb in the farm, his thick red crown stood firm, the whole farm marveled in awe of his majesty,

King Charles II the farm's new farm head, son of the Late King Arthur he swung the red feather and all the fowl breed and species coloured and uncoloured gathered to the farm hall as he delivers his speech, he speaks of a new code of conduct in which he spoke about: respect for life and "fowlality" respect for unhatched eggs, respect for little chickens, freedom of speech as he was about to pass the new law he was fearlessly interrupted by jack and Jill the two foolish sons of chuck who nodded in complete agreement to the last rule(FREEDOM OF SPEECH!) jack and Jill had been drunk way before noon as they said "look outside, what's that, that must be the scared tree which our great mighty ancestor lived, Farmer John just kept it now" as the whole assembly of chickens ran outside chuckling and murmuring in amazement it was beautiful, they all stared motionlessly at the 6 feet tall tree with glowing lights, bright fruits and tingling bells ringing in tone with the breeze. As they all watched the mighty strange tree Fred the oldest cock in the farm broke the scared silence in a loud croaking cry "run for your lives this your doom" as commotion set in he air wings flapped, sharp claws scratched the floor coloured feathers decorated the air like butterflies every fowl flew for its dear life, Fred was Late king Arther's elder brother he has survived three generations, though he's totally wrecked, going crazy and senile the was still respected by the chicken community. Fred orders everybody to fly down the secret underground basement as he announces, do you know why John has been feeding us generously lately? the whole community replied in unison: NO! "it's Christmas again!" as the whole chicken community cries out "oh my God"..."it can't be"..."we 're gonna die"..."oh come to our aid oh mighty Great ancient chicken" Fred raises the white feather and silence swept the hall clean, Fred calls up the king and says "Right now we all are over fed and FAT! we cannot lose young precious lives no more to this annual massacre we are going to organize a Midnight EXODUS" the whole assembly rumbled in wild animalistic jubilee, Fred swung the white feather as the rumbled stopped little tweet, Rosy's newest chick raised her little wings and asks in a chirping, tiny voice saying "what is Christmas?" Fred smiled as he scratched his crown he then replied "oh tweety, that's a difficult one, but I'll make it as simple as possible, CHRISTMAS IS A TIME OF THE YEAR WHEN HUMANS CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF THEIR MESSIAH-Jesus!, when he came down in human form to save them...but you see that's the 1900 definition, right now, Christmas has little or NOTHING to do with Jesus, Right now: CHRISTMAS IS A TIME TO FIGHT, STEAL, KILL, SPEND MONEY RECKLESSLY, GET DRUNK, PARTY HARD!, SHARE GIFTS, SHARE STDs, and oh i think i'm forgetting something KILL CHICKENS!!! " as he laughed deeply and the whole assembly clapped and laughed at the joke, he swung the white feather and says in a serious "that was no joke" as the whole chicken community cried in fear, tweety's little heart pounded loud, cold fever gripped her as she buried herself under her mother's bossom. Flora in fear and anxiety shot out hot eggs immediately.

king Charles took the stage as advices everybody prepare for the exodus, saying "we must save our lives and our further generation, tomorrow night we shall depart" The whole chicken community echoed AMEN! as they all flew back to their various nests shivering in fear, the night was colder than ever, thick fog descended over the farm. The night was as quite as a graveyard. King Charles and the Red head cocks clothed in black feather stayed up in the inner chamber drawing maps and planing the Exodus, some other black cocks from Africa kept watch and guarded the farm.


It was 24th December, the red morning sun was sneaking its red head out, old Freddie who didn't sleep all night spotted the sun and jumped up crowing loud in alarm, all the chickens awoke with other cocks crowing in agreement then lastly king Charles gave the final crow! and the whole farm silenced in obedience, as he delegates work for the exodus, saying mother hens and little chicks will leave first guarded by the black cocks, the youths then lastly the old chickens, unhatched eggs will be buried safe under hays, no hen is allowed fly leaving her chick behind any hen who does that will be banished, all cocks are advised to sharpen their beaks and claws and be on the alert,tonight after night food we escape, everybody be on your best behaviour and eat light.

at exactly 8.00 farmer John with a bucket of poultry meal whistling and walking into the farm, he was surprised the farm was quite,the whole chicken community were lying in their nest, he fear a disease maybe a flu has plagued the farm, he dropped their feed in their plates as they all picked their feed gently, Christmas songs and Christmas bells filled the air banging from farmer John's bedroom, the blinking neon lights flashed into the farm, the smell of spices suffocated the air, old cock Freddie was scared he shivered uncontrollably, Farmer John noticed him as he went into the house to get the flu vaccination, the black cocks led the way and mother hens followed, they matched noiselessly like ghosts, little chicks followed their mother, all trying as much as possible not to chirp, the match was as organized as King Charles had plan, but there was a problem jack and Jill has refused to join the exodus, accusing King Charles and Freddie of being stupid, the whole community begged them but they refused King Charles ordered everybody to move and leave them behind

Farmer John returned to meet an empty farm, jack and Jill crept out smiling he angrily grabbed them both as he tied them rushed into the kitchen as he calls his sons they all rushed out with a huge nets the cocks flew fast, they were fat and over weight, Farmer John had been overfeeding them for Christmas sales, he was burning in rage as he dropped jack and Jill Farmer John's wife sharpened the knife, jack and Jill perceived a familiar smell, they spotted their mother's head on the kitchen dustbin with dried tears on her eyes, Farmer John's wife opened the refrigeration as she reached for the juice, Jack and Jill spotted the beheaded and defeathered body of their mother as they cried loud for help, Freddie heard their cry, he was compassionate as he orders the "troop" to match on, he ran back unfortunately for him he was caught by the farmer and his kids he angrily ran him over, he crowed loud as the rest of the chicken community CROSSED THE ROAD over to the other side.

Farmer John and his sons drove back home extremely angry and furious, ready to vent out all their angry and frustration on jack and Jill who were the "scape chickens".