Monday, November 1, 2010

i am the human, they are the zombie

Lost here in the desert

i am all alone searching

for just a drop of water

i stand with head held high

i see my fellows fly-by

They all flaunt their similar feathers

all of them with the same disease

they share the flu up in the beautiful sky

so blue

They spread the influenza like it's Christmas bonanza

Their feathers are styled loud & Extravangaza!

I dare to be different & that is my style

They are marvelled at my gut & they hate my 'Bile'

but they just would not admit.

Their flapping wings hit me with so much pressure,

their number increases daily without measure

They flood on me like the mighty oceans wave

but i stand 'against the flow'

and all their ocean current hit the cave

It is me against the world.

YES! I cannot beat them

But No! I will not join them

I will no longer suffocate in silence

I will crow So LOUD until someday i am found

I am the human,they are the Zombies

They march the desert

streets,like mighty

Soilders feet

They are nothing but empty toy soilders

Nothing but little robot kits

I am the ORIGINAL copy

They are 'mass-produced' clones

I am true breed Copy

They are just but Noisy megaphones

I am the HUMAN...They are the Zombies

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