Monday, November 1, 2010

100 question for father

Dear Father,

Can you hear me?

Are you really up there?

Are you real?

Why don't you pick my calls sometimes?

Why did you make me?

Is there a reason?

Why am i not a bird?

Did you really create the earth and all in it?

Why am i a Nigerian(didn't you see better countries like USA to place me in)?

Why did you put me into the Okafor's family?

Do you know about my family problems?

Why am i phelgmatic/sanguine?

Do you truly care?

Did you see me cry deeply the other night?

Why did you take Uncle Chukwuma away fast


Were you awake the night i cried and sent you all my dark secrets?

Is it true you never sleep?

Okay, how many hairs are on my head?

Why do you even care so much about a mere mortal like me?

Did you know i was going to get an 'F' in that exam?

is it true you know my future?

what will i be?

Is my future bright?

Will i be rich,successful, famous and happy?

Why didn't i do medicine?

Is it true it was you who caught me as i struck my foot against stone yesturday?

How difficult was it for you to create the world


Can you ever leave me?

Have you ever cried?

Do you have emotions


Who is your favourite human?

Have i ever made laugh?


What my number on you 'favourite people' list?

What's your favourite colour?(please don't tell me white)

What's you idea of fun?

What's you favourite song?

Can you dance?

What do you eat?

Is it true manna tastes like waffers?

Do you see my earnest confusion here on earth?

Do you know i love you?

Why do you let me suffer some times

Why have you left some difficult things in my life


Did you know about

earthquake in haiti?

why did it happen?

When will i die?

Do you really know all things?

Were you the one who sent me dinner tonight?(if it were you thanks i'm so broke now)

When will you send me money?

Is it true you always think of me


That book you wrote said you love it true?

Have you ever wished you were someone else?

Is anything difficult for you?

Why are you not quantifiable, my scientist friends say you don't exist...can you show them some evidence


Are you angry with me?

have i asked you too many questions

i'm i boring?(pls tell me NO!)

when are you going to visit?...soon?

P.s: i need a new phone ASAP...reply fast

Your son


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