Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cupid's got a GUN!

Cupid’s got a gun

Sniff sniff...
What’s that smell?
What is going on?
What is wrong with everybody?
Why is here so desolate?
Why I’m I alone?

I hear there’s a party
And everybody is going
It’s Over at the love garden and
Love is in the air
I hear it’s infectious

Hey little cupid
Don’t be stupid
Where is your halo?
And your tiny arrow?

What is that in your right hand?
Is that a pistol!?
Aren’t you too young
to handle a gun?

Oh! No! Don’t aim at me, stupid
Are you crazy?
Everybody get down!
He’s gone crazy

Cupid’s got a gun on the play ground
And I’ve got a breastplate
Though he shoots
I will not fall

No I will not surrender
I will stand tall
Here I am, shoot it’s your call
Give me your best shot
Here’s my heart

Give a straight shot
X marks the spot
Be quick, shoot
No more hide and seek, shoot

Cupid’s got a gun
And I will not run
Cupid’s got a gun
And I’ve got two
So let’s have fun

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