Monday, November 1, 2010

our bitter dance

At the beach we strolled

on airy streets, we walked

in restaurantsrestruants we laughed

at parks, we played

hands tight

legs high

mouth wide

lips locked

on red altar carpet we vowed

down the isle we walked

wedding bells they rang

dreamland was real

paradise was ours

a kiss to seal

'for better, for worse'

was more than words

and the stage was set

life began

in life swam, splashed and laughed

and swam the more

we swam astray

from oceans deep to desserts bank

life began

life happened

he played the drums

and chroegraphed the dance

our bitter dance

the ugly music

your once sweet meal, my tongues tastes bitter

my once sweet music, in your ears now ring


this fat spouse

this noisy spouse

our wrecking house

we danced with knives

and played with guns

we read sweet poems of laws and courts

for better, for better

for worse, for us

we signed the papers

with pride, on furs

worlds scattered

hearts apart

love abound

hate avenged

till death did us path

Copyright(c) 2010

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