Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear mother Earth

dear mother earth

can you hear me?

has old age captured your ears?

can you see me,lost in this 'over crowd',?

over six billion souls,all crying out loud

Groaning about deep pains

screaming about the plains

The soil lies bare,it grows no harvest

what happened to the green years?

what happened to bounty days?

we have angered you,we have spat you in the face

what happened to all you taught us?

about peace

about unity

about love

about morality

about justice....

we have made our own rules

we have built the best bombs,better guns

we have exhibited the best 'art of war'

we have wounded poor souls

enslaved the innocent,torn down mighty heights

emptied wasted blood into harmless seas

left it blood red

suffocated little sea creatures

dispersed tree birds,pulled down their homes

enslaved elephants,enslaved poor ants

fought against every JUST thing

adopted new cultures of greed,lifestyle of vane

fame & sugar cane wealth

we swin in blood money

oh it tastes like honey

looks at us,look what we've turned into

animals,dirty filty animals

carnivorous beasts!

we no more prey wild animals

our brother's flesh is now a better meat

his blood the wine of our feast

we have snatched them their home

starved them

taken their little homes

left them naked,here in the field cold

displayed them on the BIG screen pretending to care

we have discriminated our brother

on the bases of skin tone & colour

bases of choice & belief

place of birth & origin

we have OVER explioted your crust

emptied large oceans dry

diseased the air,left it lifeless & helpless

we have torn down ozone's blanket

we want it no more

what happened to happy marriages

now is all happily divorced after

what happened to men marrying women

now its men marrying men

what happened to honest,hard working youth

now its weak,lazy,restless fools

what happened to nature and purity

now its all sand & ashes,dark clouds of gases

you have plagued us in your anger

with your rushing tears of FLOOD

angry pump of tsunami blood

heartless HEAT of warth

dry skin cracks of earthquakes

poundin head volcanos

cureless scars of cancer

painful curse of AIDS

heavy sigh of storms

bald grassland,and hungry sad band

sad crying faces,sorrowful music for the babies

where really are we?

we are lost & forgotten in this place

tommorrow we shall leave you

we are going to MARS

to start a new life

good bye mother earth,we disown you today

(c) okafor makuochi

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