Monday, November 1, 2010

Gorillas on moonscape

Isn't ths funny?

How you speak to me

like you really know it all

what is all this empty noise?

About science and arts,

datas and facts

you know this all an act

your little mechanical creations

are one billionth of my arts and acts

your noisy boasts about medicine & life,

cloning & surgerical knives

ah! Isnt that my help?

Is it your rep?

All these complex life-minute under lens

you view and mute

are they by chance?

Tiny cells & giant stars

complex organs and heavy mars,

the mighty sun & the chettah's run

they came by chance.

All your ancient knowledge of apes

of gorillas at moonscape

does it sound so good?

What about today,has your super apes taken a break?

When are they going to speak awake,or create & recreate

my 'foolishness' vs. Your greatest wisdom is like

mountain everest vs a sand grain of everest

sell off your worthless ego let's trade it for your priceless soul,

and its BINGO!

I have watched you toil,

toil day & night just like your fathers

building up ladders

ladders & towers at the desert of BABEL,right after abel

take me & be free,

i have your manuel

i produced those brain cells

forged you out of clays and hard nails

painted you sweet pale

oh my beautiful TOY frail

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