Wednesday, November 10, 2010

buy me a rose

Buy me a rose

Buy me a rose, now
No! maybe tulips
Tell me you love me now
Yes, say it from your true lips

Cry me a river, now
No! Maybe an ocean
Hold me now
Yes, right now

Hold me tight
Yes, a little more tight
Write me letters
Sweet, sweet letters

Praise me now
A little more now
Appreciate me more
Yes a little much more

Please don’t wait
Please don’t linger
Yes wait not
Don’t let it linger

Know me now
Don’t wait till I’m gone
Hug me goodbye
Cause soon I will be gone

Gone deep down
Down with the ashes
And it will all gone

Please don’t come to my gravestone
Now, not ever
Please don’t cry for on my gravestone
Not now, not ever
Love me now, now or never.

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