Monday, November 1, 2010

what the heck is love??

Last two days i asked a group of young people who claimed to be in love to tell me what love was, non of them could answer clearly, their answers were incoherent and meaningless, after series of blabbing, one(a guy) in the group spoke up boldly and honesty...

in his words "LOVE FEELS LIKE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE" short he concluded Love=Sex ...his answer was sincere and honest and got me thinking the more "What the HECK is love"...

for me I've never "been in love" so i can't even tell the sensation, i've had strong crush,been attracted to people(sexually and non)

From my close observation,many people(95%) who claim and strongly believe to be in love, are just daydreaming, living in fairytale land and lying to themselves.

here are some conclusions I've come up with

-love is NOT, i repeat, is Not an Emotion

-it is not a feeling

-it is more than a sensation

-to me it is a strong BOND

let me explain! People confuse mere feeling of attraction(sexual or otherwise) to Love

the word "love" is highly over rated

when people obtain satisfication and relief (sexual, emotional, financial or other wise) they confuse it for love that's why most guys confess SINCERELY their love to their spouse/ partner after a good sex

I'm not sure if i know what really love is as thIS unrealistic, illusive world today portray it, flowers, and scents, candles, cupid and arrows?.free like sparrows...bla bla bla

The holy book(THE BIBLE) presented love in the most realistic way and painted a real, vivid, touchable picture and not some fairytale script of cartoon character running on the beach, of a handsome prince and princess..., for heaven's sake what's all that what's love got to do with all these Drama!?

you only see what your eyes want to see, and feel what your heart wants to feel, you only fall in love with who you want to fall in love, it's not as magical as we claim if not i wonder why people don't get to fall in love with mad people, cripple beggers, ugly people e.t.c

why does the magical cupid only get to satisfy our dream?

To me love as we paint it just a switch which we you conscious switch on and off at will, i make myself fall in love even with a horse as löng as it pleases me all i have to do is conscious dwell in thoughts, with it, create a hype, sensitize my senses that everything about the horse becomes a big deal, the way it walks, the way it smells, the way it chows hay...bla bla bla and that satisfactory temporal 'High' is what people call being in love

love has nothing to do with 'the physical', quality, has nothing to do with sex,hormones, emotions and feelings

to me love is a strong growing connection of relationship and bond...i am in love, madly in love with all my friends boys and girls alike...

Who said love is just for the opposite gender alone??? no gender boundaries, it is real, it is not based on sentiments and feelings.

it is virtures of kidness, patience, understanding, reality and sincerity not some phony talks

as i have been taught my my honest dear friend falling in love is falling in lust...yes! I see a girl I'm in love with her, the truth is that i just want to get physical with her...if people are honest to themselves they have gotten physical with the people they' re in love with...or really, really want and crave for physical satisfaction with those they claim to love even if it stops at Kissing...does that not shock you ?

most couples get married not because of love but

-out of obligation

-out of life's responsibility of procreation

-others cause it's a norm of age

real love is just true, sincere and pure friendship,

it is a bond and connection and nothing more, no hormonal excitement added to it, no beating hearts, no uneasy loins, no sleepless nights...

1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 painted it real all the virtue listed there depict true friendship and that is love!

in my world love as we see is fake, lies and fairytale

in my world love is Just a growing bond of friendship



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