Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Real Music 101

Real music 101

Meet Eclipse and Melony.

Have you ever met a music freak before? A freak who cannot live without music, has a song for every situation with has his iPod playlist updated daily? Well if you haven’t met one, this is your lucky day, here I am. I AM A MUSIC FREAK! I listen to a wide variety of music ranging from Rap to Hip Hop, R&B, indie rock, reggae, soul and lots more. I am constantly plugged up, on a bus, on the road, during evening walks, during lunch, at work and my favourite is in the bathroom! You gotta believe me when I tell you that I know good music when I hear it as I introduce you to Real music 101.

My first encounter with Melony was last year at a friend’s party. I remember every bit of that day, I arrived the party late with my friends and as we sat down to relax and cool off over bottles of beer, the DJ played the same old song which I nodded to. The Afro funk dancehall beats got me bumping. Ten minutes after our arrival something strange happened and the party got set ablaze. Every guy and girl on the dance floor danced like the world was coming to an end. I watched them, wondering if some evil spirit had invaded the room as I smiled at how ridiculous the thought was, the beats from the speakers hit me hard and it was then I realised it was no evil spirit I literally lost control of myself, my head nodded uncontrollably, my legs tapped repeatedly to the beat and the next thing I got up to my feet, and before I got blink an eye all my friends were up and bopping. We danced our way into the crowd the beats were wild we all wished the song never ended. Five minutes later our precious bubble got busted as soon as the DJ changed the song and reality hit us all, because I thought I had dead and gone to heaven and immediately I walked over to the DJ and asked him who did the song and what the name of the song was. As he replied the name of the song was “I no Fit Wait by MELONY ft S5 & Sound Sultan”


and that was how my story of love began. I fell madly in love with Melony, permit me to say that i am head over heels for Melony I went home that day and downloaded a couple of his other songs, and Oh my Gawd! this dude is more than just talented his voice is melodious & Angelic no wonder I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Melony is good no doubt, his music style is out of this world; a smooth blend of R&B and Naija beats, with sound lyrics. The song “she won’t let me go” would make every girl cry and make every guy jealous. I assure you this is not hype. I know real music when I hear it and this is one of them, and while I thought that was the end of it all I heard his last single with ECLIPSE “Girl that made the beat ft Eclipse” ( and a fuse blew in my head, an Eclipse took place literally in my head as Melony was reaching for my soul with every tone and key out of his voice, Eclipse went straight for my heart. Eclipse captured my heart with his strong rap lines, smooth punch lines and ‘on point’ lyrics. Eclipse is a lyric monster, yes! He is a beast. Days after hearing “Girl that made the beat ft Eclipse” I knew that was not the end I craved for more, for more of Eclipse, for more of his Rap and my hunger lead me to downloading his tracks “Thank God for Hip hop” ( and “As I am ft. Ven” ( and I must confess there is no other as Eclipse. These tracks has been on replay in my iPod that sometime i wonder if it’s jazz or black magic. Eclipse is too good to be true he is Nigeria’s Hip hop babalawo, he does magic on the micro phone. In fact if I keep talking I won’t stop, hear for Yourself and confirm me right or wrong. Right now I have both my heart and soul soul’d out with no regrets nor apologizes. Melony has stolen my soul and Eclipse has captured my heart and it’s been worth it...

So I decided not be selfish and share my discovery with you guys and I assure you, as a music head that I am I promise you Eclipse and Melony are worth every bit of your time...

Meet Eclipse and Melony.

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