Friday, April 22, 2011

My friends and I

This world is unfair and wicked, I spent my life living for others and in the end what do I get in return? NOTHING! Absolutely nothing! No reward, no appreciation No love. Human beings are ingrates. Right now I have no friends, no wife, no family and no place to rest my head.
Here is my story, According to my mother; I was born on a cold night. The very night I was born my people decided to occupy the whole fancy hospital, hotel and local guest house. My mother had no choice but to deliver me in a stinky manger. None of my people cared to visit, they were busy getting drunk on red wine, it was Passover. Instead strangers celebrated my birth and brought me gifts.
Teenage-hood was not so easy I grew up as a carpenter, trying to help my father support the family, I knew I was smart I could have even gone to school and become a scribe, a lawyer, or a teacher become rich, famous and popular but I choose not to be all that. I knew which stunt to pull to be adopted by the king as his son still I choose to be carpenter, of the low class. Hitting the hammer head hard on the stubborn Lebanese cider wood day and night, sweating and wishing for a better life.

Well I endured it all “such is life” as they’ll say. I grew up fast, turned out to be super smart and popular and people loved me (oh how I miss those days). I had haters too. But in the end I got friends I shared with them all that I had. Twelve of them knew me inside out, we went through up and downs just as normal friends.
I did no one any harm all I did was; save the dying, raise the dead, feed the hungry and save the lost. I just wanted them to love me and accept me, to thank me but they didn’t, they never did. My people hated me. Strangers even loved me more and gave me water at the well.

My haters were powerful, they wanted me dead. They were envious of my fame and power so they plotted to kill me; I wondered how they were my going to get me I was Innocent. It shocked me to know how easy it was. Just thirty pieces of silver and a petty kiss on the cheek sold me out. I was betrayed by my very own friend, who I dine and wine with.
I thought that was the end, my brothers rejected me, they choose Barnabas – a criminal over me, my enemies crowned me king, my best friend (my tightest Hommie) denied three times, THREE WHOLE TIMES!!!... My people spat me in the face, the same I hands I healed of paralysis stoned me. My friends deserted me and at last they crucified me, dehumanized me. I died a shameful death, Innocent me nailed as a criminal and while I was about to take my last breath I saw my friends who I had shared everything with pack their fishing net down the lake to resume their fishing job with no remorse or guilt. I was mourned by Strangers.

Thank God miraculously I came back to life after three days. Yes I did it’s called resurrection its spiritual. I forgave my friends and my enemies and till date I still forgive them. But the truth is that On that my death day I discovered who my true friends were and apart from Simeon who helped me carry my cross and my mother who watched me die slowly and felt every bit of my pain I had no friends.

It’s a pity I’m still a lonely man, begging for friendship and acceptance. Would you take me as you dearly beloveth friend, to love and to cherish, never to betray for cheap coins, to respect me and follow me all the days of your life? If yes, then call me now am alive.

Happy Easter

Yesu Christi

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