Wednesday, January 19, 2011

August break 1

It was a beautiful august afternoon and everything was perfect, breakfast was perfect, school was perfect, my grades? Hmmm close to perfect at least for the first time, thank God it’s the last Friday of the term...
We have been waiting in the Student’s center for the principal’s last address.
Today has been lovely, everything seems to be working in my favour, can’t believe I made an ‘A’ in Mathematics, and ‘B’ in physics, I just can’t wait to go home, school closed today for the long vacation, am glad the annoying endless rainy season is gone, actually right now we are in august break, i’ll be travelling next week with my mom for august meeting and new yam festival, she has been packing and preparing. I just can’t wait to go to villa, and see grandpa and dance with masquerades just as always.
Butterflies are dancing in my belly; mom will be so proud and happy all the extra mural classes i took didn’t just go to waste. Standing here at the bus stop all I’m thinking is the bet i made with chika at the beginning of the term, who said that if i get an A in maths this term that she’d be my girlfriend for one week, well I’ve been asking her out since SS1, she’s extremely beautiful , tall, dark and slim. Just everything i need in a girl, we’ve been in the same class since junior secondary but i never used to notice her, back then she was slim, not so tall and had neither hips nor breasts, but now you so don’t want to see her now, things change and people change fast.
The little unnoticed nerd of our class has grown to become the most chased after; too bad she’s playing hard-to-get. As i was daydreaming my life away, there came a swift rushing wind, and with it came claps of thunder, oh no the clouds are gathering, cars approaching from the east already had rain drops on their windscreen oh no, not today. I need a bus fast, with my legs moving left to right in impatience, i heard my name, i turned back and i saw no one, then i heard my name again, and oh! It was chika the first thing she said was “it was just a bet so don’t start getting ideas” smiling sheepishly and paralyzed by her beauty, she suggests we walk down to the other less crowded bus stop it was a little mile, and as we walked the rain slowly drizzled along behind us, and before we could say jack Robinson the rain overtook us and started pouring, oh no! We both ran the straight road looking for shade, the rain got heavier and heavier, cars zoomed pass, splashing water on our school uniforms we laughed and ran, and then i spotted a shade, a shade ahead, an unfinished building, i grabbed chika by the hand and we ran straight ahead into the building, i was hoping we’d be alone so i can try out a few of my playboy tricks on her, i was disappointed to find many other people taking shade too, some secondary school students, a few from my school- mostly juniors, some kids and their hawking trays of banana and groundnut, other older people, and a mad man, everyone was cold and minded their own business. The rain would not stop. 30 minutes gone and it’s still raining, i suggested to chika for us to walk around perhaps stay in one of the numerous rooms, where could talk without feeling awkward or being gazed upon by old people, it was a big house with plenty room, more like an unfinished hotel, after hesitating she followed me, i was glad, soon i won’t be feeling cold, i hope, i have a record for wooing girls in 15 minutes and getting them sleep with me in 20 minutes, and that’s why my friends call me ‘the catalyst’ i prayed the rain lasts even longer. I was prepared; i had 2 condoms in my wallet, Obi’s uncle, Uncle Ike supplies us free because most pharmacy shops won’t just sell it to us, he says if you must play, play safe. I asked her if she was cold as she sat on an old dusty table obviously i knew she was cold, and replied shivering “yes, very! Very!”... i offered my shirt...that was move number one, she took it happily she looked at me on my forehead and looked down, she couldn’t look me the eye no more, because my shirt was off and my tight new, white, ‘body hug’ singlet was intimidating her or should i say attracting her, 10 more minutes and the rain wouldn’t just stop. I was happy. Little by little, we talk about school, life, our future university plan, personal interests and then i went to the holy grail asking her if she was a virgin, she was shocked and screamed out “ewww you’re such a naughty boy” and made all those usual statements girls make when a boy raises a topic they like, after the dramatic gestures she said “why do you wanna know” i said because “i am a virgin... I’ve never done it before”, as she bursted out in laughter, almost rolling on the floor and laughing her butt out, what i am saying she did! She rolled on the floor and laughed her butt off...
Well long story short, we started kissing, and cuddling and the weather was just perfect, i was waiting for the right time to ask her for us to start the main stuff as i necked her i was reaching for my wallet to get my condoms

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