Thursday, February 9, 2012

Musing into Love


What are you?

Who are you?

Are you matter?

Do you have weight and occupy space?

Are you a person?

Are you some sort of pit?

A pit where people fall into and experience heaven?

Are you real?

Can I feel you?

Can I touch you?

Are you the reason why a man clings to a woman and wait for eternal separation?

Are you the reason behind existence?

The reason behind my birth

Were you the feeble hands that held me?

That nursed me; nurtured me and breast fed me?
What colour are you?

I once heard you are red

Is that true?

But now I hear you are blue

Do you live?

Do you die?

Do you walk around?

Do you have an end?

When were you born?

Were you born on a Sunday?

Do you like flowers and chocolates?

Or would you refer just dates?

What do you taste like?

What do you feel like?

Are you a boy-girl thing?

Or a boy-boy thing?

Is it true you hide within homes, humble homes?

Or are you just homeless?

Are you around when we fight?

When father beats mother?

When we resent father?

When people kill people and nations fight nations

Do you know me?

Do you know my name?

I hear People from your country are called lovers?

What is your culture?

What is your pledge?

How are you made?

Are you made on mountains or on plains?

Are you made on creaking beds?

I once heard you were born in a manger

I hear you are free

As free as FREE

Do you have a name?

Do you have a meaning?

Please answer me...

Love, who are you? What are you? And what do you
Want from me?

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